Travel Health & Safety Tips: International Travel Health Risks and Home Exchange Options

Travel is the movement of individuals between various geographic locations. Travel can be to any place on earth or within the earth’s crust, with or without air, by car, bicycle, plane, train, boat, train or other modes, and is one way or another usually involving transportation. One form of travel is recreational travel. Such travel is normally for short periods. It can include hiking, canoeing, rafting, camping and caravanning, bicycling, ice fishing, sightseeing and the like.

Another kind of travel is social travel. Such as what has been termed as “short-term accommodation”. Social travel normally involves staying in hostels, sharing houses or apartments with friends for a few days or for a weekend. However, this travel is meant for a specific purpose. Hostels or apartments are usually rented out by people for short-term stays. There is also air Airbnb, which is a type of social travel where one uses an air mattress to sleep on the ground.

AirAirbnb is a unique combination of home exchange and social travel. One rents an air mattress and uses it as a bed during his stay at a hostel. AirAirbnb is a very popular short-term lodging alternative where people rent out beds and sofa in their homes.

The third kind of international travel is the RT-PLC test or the Ready, Sharing, Common Test (RTCTV). In this test, you as a traveler will share your apartment or house with other fellow travelers through an online platform provided by the airline or hotel. The cost is then shared by everyone in the household, meaning each person pays for a flat fee as per the amount of individual rooms shared by them. Sharing is done through a website where rooms can be booked through the real estate portal.

The last kind of international travel is the domestic travel, which means the travel between countries within a country. For example, if you are traveling to Dubai, you will need to get vaccinated for the meningitis. RT-PLC international travel has also included vaccinations for Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. The Hepatitis A is given to those who have already received their shots for Hepatitis B and C and to those who have not. The Hepatitis B is for individuals who have never received any doses of Hepatitis C. So, anyone traveling to Dubai needs to have a Hepatitis A shot, or he/she could be charged with drug trafficking. On the contrary, people getting tested for Hepatitis C will not be charged for drug trafficking, but for the advice to prevent travel to Arab countries that require HIV testing.

If you have already been exposed to some risks due to your international travel, or if you just want to stay away from risks because you have decided to stay in a foreign country, there are home exchange options that you can consider. These options allow you to exchange money for free at designated locations, while still allowing you to continue exploring the world. These home exchange options are usually designated by the foreign exchange home country and may be found within the county or state you were born. For example, the American Home Exchange provides banking services for residents of Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, and Massachusetts. In Europe, the home exchange would be the Euro exchange or the Swiss franc.