Osteoporosis Prevention Through Food


Osteoporosis Prevention Through Food

Food is any material consumed for the Result sgp nourishment of an organism. The diet of humans includes food eaten in their everyday lives; food taken for diet or nutrition, food for cooking, and food stored for future consumption. The food that we eat is categorized into different food groups according to the types of organisms that they are fed on by humans. The most common food is the animal food; this type of food is also called animal protein.

Animal foods include milk products, meat products, eggs, fish, poultry, and vegetables. Staple foods include carbohydrates, cereals, bread, potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta, vegetables, fruits, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Starchy foods are rich in carbohydrates and are available in food preparations in the form of potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, rice, cereals, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, etc. Examples of starchy vegetable are carrots, peas, beans, potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, okra, spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. The classification of food is generally on the basis of their proportions in comparison to other foods.

In a previous study session, the students were asked to complete food frequency questionnaires regarding the foods that they consume on a daily basis and the frequency with which they prefer them. Based on this data, the nutrient intakes were calculated. The mean amount of carbohydrates and proteins consumed per day were calculated. These values were then entered in the nutrient intakes database. Based on the nutrient intake, the amounts of nutrients required for a balanced diet were calculated.

The results showed that the students who ate more carbohydrates had significantly lower nutrient intake when compared to those who ate less carbohydrates. When comparing the carbohydrate intake with the recommended intake for a normal person, it was found that the students had significantly lower vitamin C absorption when compared to the norm. The reason for this is that the absorption of vitamin C is affected by the food nutrients that we take into our body and not by the type of food. Therefore, we need to be careful about what we eat. This will play a vital role in developing strong bones and muscles.

The students were also asked to list their age and sex. The mean age was just over twenty-nine years and the sex was female. The study session found that the subjects who ate a healthy balanced diet had significantly higher heights than the norm. This was particularly true for those who were overweight or obese. This means that being overweight can be prevented through a healthy diet and regular physical activity. This is a very encouraging finding as the link between obesity and osteoporosis has always been uncertain.

The study session also found that women who consumed large amounts of milk and cereals had significantly smaller hairlines. The hairlines were smaller when compared with women who did not consume these foods. This was a further result that supports the notion that milk and food with high fibre could have a positive effect on bone growth. In addition, it showed that the consumption of large amounts of cereals such as cow’s milk can reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis.